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GPM January-February 2020 no 128

Welcome to our January-February 2020 issue #128

Tariem attended a birthday party as a ‘surprise guest’. The birthday-boy was a guy named Nick Wood, in his mid-twenties, who was finishing up his doctorate in psychology. He was to become Tariem’s future husband. Tariem Burroughs is the new board chair of Philadelphia Family Pride, one of the best support groups in the country. Learn more about Tariem and Nick, Philadelphia Family Pride, and more family stories by ordering our current issue at

GPM-NY 2019-2020 no 17

If These Ovaries Could Talk

Robin Hopkins and Jamie Kelton are the moms behind the informative and entertaining podcast, If These Ovaries Could Talk. The show is two lesbians chatting about making babies and non-traditional families. Read their story here

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Rodeph Sholom School

Rodeph Sholom School: A Story of Two Dads Finding the Right School

For 50 years, Jewish values have been intrinsic in our teachings and learnings. No matter the year, our families have always shared one common goal: to give their children an education with a purpose.

Patrick and David, fathers to now eight year old twins Leora and Yoni explained, “To be honest, we were utterly unprepared to vet NYC kindergartens. And we’d never heard of Rodeph Sholom School. Even David, who is the Jewish half of our interfaith marriage and who’d attended Ramaz on the Upper East Side, was scratching his head when our Kindergarten Selection Consultant (you read correctly) said that RSS would be our school if we wanted a Jewish education.” Read more…

Camp Chateaugay

Summer Camp Provides Skills For A Lifetime

At Camp Chateaugay, there are many different activities in which to participate. Not only can campers learn new things, like ceramics or sailing, but they also learn some of life’s less obvious skills like “creativity” or “self-reliance.” Through engaging with new friends and working with talented, supportive staff, campers will learn to step out of their shell. They engage with new friends, develop healthy self-esteem and the learn the ability to advocate for themselves. Read more…


Talking to Your Child About Adoption

If you’re like many adoptive parents, it can come as a surprise when your elementary school-aged child, who has always “known” they were adopted, begins to ask questions you thought were answered years ago. You have probably told your child their story many times and answered their questions. But something transformative happens between the ages of six and eight that shakes everything up. As your child moves into middle childhood, they experience cognitive changes, from newly found reasoning and problem-solving skills to being able to take another person’s perspective for the first time.

By this age, most children are not only able to notice what makes them similar to and different from others, but they are able to arrange their thoughts into questions about skin color, family composition, and reproduction—which allows them to think about their adoption in a whole new way. It’s an exciting time, but also comes with some sadness and confusion as many adopted children are able to understand for the first time that relinquishment led to their being adopted.
Here are some tips to support you during this stage of adoption development. Read more…

Park Avenue Methodist Day School

The Home/School Connection at Park Avenue Methodist Day School Building a Foundation of Trust

Three squeezes. Pause. Two squeezes. Pause. Three squeezes. Pause. My dad would then turn to me, his hand in mine with a smile expectantly waiting for my squeezes in response. This was our secret going to school language—and looking back on it now, a wonderful way to distract me! Growing up in a family of educators, as my mother worked as a first or second grade teacher for 40 plus years, my sister worked in admissions departments and my father was the CFO of various independent schools, school was my life. Because I struggled with saying goodbye to my parents at school, separation is now at the forefront of my thinking as a school director. Every day, I think deeply about how to support the building of trust between children, families, and teachers. This squeeze moment with my father was part of our ritual in pre-school, allowing me to transition calmly with trust into the school day. However, there was one last part of the ritual. When I would arrive at school, I would hug my father as hard as I could, squeezing my eyes shut. My father would wiggle from my arms, being replaced by my teacher as we “passed the hug,” passing trust and compassion from one adult in my life to the other. Read more…

Wise School

Wise School Partners with JQ International for Gender Diversity Learning Series

LGBTQ+ - Friendly School
As we prepare our students to enjoy success and fulfillment as global citizens, we strive to build a community that exemplifies respect and appreciation for all people. That's why we have formed a partnership with leading LGBTQ+ organization, JQ International.

JQ works to transform Jewish communities and ensure inclusion of LGBTQ+ Jews and their allies through education, support, and identity-enrichment. Read more…

Worcester Academy

Worcester Academy: Opening Minds Since 1834

At Worcester Academy, we value diversity. We take pride in our diverse WA community and position our curriculum within a global, multicultural context that helps students develop the independence, confidence, and world-readiness they need for success in college and beyond. We are committed to our multicultural learning community and fully embrace our diverse and multi-talented student body. Read more…

The Harker School

An inspiring and supportive community: The Harker School

The Harker School, established in 1893, is a kindergarten-grade 12 private school in Silicon Valley that has earned international recognition for its top academics, quality teachers and student achievements.

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