The following are descriptions of gay-friendly adoption & foster care agencies and businesses that can assist you in building or nuturing your family.

A Love Beyond Borders

A Love Beyond Borders, Inc. is a licensed, Hague Approved child placement agency providing international and domestic adoption services to individuals and couples throughout the US and expats living abroad. If you are an LGBT person/married couple in the United States or a US citizen living abroad who is hoping to adopt, you have come to the right place! We do not discriminate based on age, race, gender, whom you love, religion or lack of, or your unique abilities as long as you meet the laws for adopting in the US or abroad.
We offer a wonderful program in Colombia, S.A. for gay adoptive parents. This includes our summer and Christmas hosting-to-adopt program where the children travel from Colombia to your home for 2-3 weeks so you get to know each other prior to the adoption. Children legally available for adoption are waiting and we’d love to help you find your child through our hosting-to-adopt program. Many individual and siblings are waiting!
Mention this ad when you contact us and we will waive your $350 application fee.
Visit our website at or call us at 303-333-1572, or by email at

Meryl B. Rosenberg, Esq. - ARTparenting
(301) 217-0074

Have questions about building your family? We have answers.

Since 1993, Meryl B. Rosenberg, Esq. has been guiding LGBT couples and singles on the path to parenthood. Whether you need assistance with your surrogacy arrangement or legal services for second-parent adoption, birth orders, or egg/sperm/embryo donation — we know how to help.

LEGAL SERVICES FOR LGBT FAMILY-BUILDING: In the evolving field of reproductive law, our expertise and personalized approach are uniquely suited to meet your needs. As LGBT parents, it is essential that you secure recognition as the child's legal parent(s). We specialize in second-parent adoptions in Maryland and DC, and offer legal assistance with egg/embryo/sperm donation, birth orders, and surrogacy agreements.

JUST ASK: We are devoted to providing our clients with attention, advice and care. Our Founder, Meryl Rosenberg, will personally answer your questions and handle all legal representation.

Call Meryl at (301) 217-0074, or visit

The Barker Adoption Foundation



The Barker Adoption Foundation is a non-profit adoption agency licensed in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Since 1945, we have been providing comprehensive adoption services and have placed over 7,000 children in permanent, loving homes. Our mission is to serve all participants in the adoption circle – birth parents, adoptive parents, and persons who have been adopted.

Project Wait No Longer is Barker’s older child adoption program. This comprehensive program works with couples and single individuals regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and marital status to assist them with the adoption of older children whose circumstances resulted in their being placed into public foster care. Most of the children are between the ages of 10 -17 years old and some are part of sibling groups. The children have often been abused and neglected and are in urgent need of a permanent, loving and stable family. There are an estimated 400,000 children in foster care with slightly over 100,000 children currently awaiting adoption.

To learn more about the services offered by The Barker Foundation, please visit our website at or give us a call at 301-664-9664.

Child and Family Services of Northwestern Michigan

At CFS, we believe that kids grow best in families. CFS has provided child welfare services to northern Michigan for 80 years. We license foster homes and connect foster parents with children who need them. When foster care is not an option, we also provide adoption services, creating new families each year. CFS supports the LGTBQ community and licenses all types of families who can provide a loving home for children. We frequently offer free, ongoing training, referrals, education, support groups, and mentoring to make foster care and adoption the most beneficial to the children and families we serve.


Could you foster a child? Children’s Aid and Family Services provides foster care to children and teenagers who have backgrounds of abuse and trauma. We have a 120-year history of helping children find loving families that provide a nurturing, stable and safe environment to help them thrive. Our team of dedicated professionals works closely with our foster families and provides them with comprehensive training, guidance and support. Our foster and adoptive parents come from all walks of life. They may be younger or older, have birth children, or be single or married. It’s our belief that people can be wonderful foster parents regardless of their marital status, sexual orientation, income or age as long as they have the capacity to love, support and care for a vulnerable child or teenager. To learn more about becoming a foster parent, please contact Marcia Fisher at 201-740-7038 or visit


Comfort Cases, Inc. was founded in 2013 with the vision to eliminate the indignity of youth in our foster care system transporting their belongings in a trash bag and to ensure no child is made to feel like they and their belongings are trash ever again. Comfort Cases has two primary programs – the Comfort Cases and Comfort XL Programs.

Comfort Cases Program: A Comfort Case is a backpack or small duffel bag that provides comfort, hope and love to youth entering foster care. The case provides them with both essential and comfort items to ease their transition into a new environment. Items in a Comfort Case include pajamas, stuffed animal, book, coloring book with crayons or a journal with pens/pencils, a blanket, a toiletry kit, and a dental kit.

Comfort XL Program: A Comfort XL is a large capacity duffel bag that provides dignity to youth entering foster care by eliminating the need to place their belongings in a trash bag. Comfort XL's are approximately 32" bags that are collapsible and compact. Their size enables the person responsible for removing a child from a home to be able to keep these on hand in an accessible location - whether it is the trunk of their vehicle or a dedicated spot at their office. Since 2013, Comfort Cases has reached over 44,000 youth in foster care.

Learn more at


Founded in 1978, CONCERN a multi-service private non-profit 501(c)(3) human services organization dedicated to providing placement and treatment services to children and their families  offering a growing array of foster care, adoption and permanency, community-based, residential, and behavioral health services throughout eastern and north central Pennsylvania and southern Maryland.

A pioneer of treatment foster care, CONCERN believes that children placed in foster care should live in a traditional family setting in the community, rather than in a residential or institutional setting and has been at the forefront of innovative programs to meet the individual needs of the child and to promote the strengthening of the family unit.

All young people in foster care need a meaningful connection to someone who can be a support and lasting presence in their lives, and, foster, kinship and adoptive families who open their hearts and homes to children, play a vital role in helping these young people heal, reconnect, and begin to build a brighter future.

Every child deserves a sense of stability and a safe place to call home, so please contact Art Silverman, CONCERN’s Director of Fundraising & Marketing at or 610-944-0445, or visit to learn more about the joys and rewards of becoming a foster or adoptive parent.

The Connecticut Department of Children and Families

The Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) is the state child welfare agency focused on strengthening families and achieving safety, well-being and permanency for Connecticut's children. DCF wants to let families know there are children who need families to call their own for a lifetime. Adopting through DCF is a wonderful way to build your family and create a lifelong relationship with a child. DCF is always seeking adoptive families to parent children from all backgrounds and of every age. We are especially in need of families who can care for sibling groups, teenagers and children with medically complex needs. Learn more about the children for whom DCF is seeking families by logging on to our website at

For more information about DCF please visit the Department’s website at

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health is one of the nation’s largest nonprofit organizations providing services, insight and leadership in the evolving field of behavioral healthcare. Founded in 1912 by special education pioneer Helena Devereux, the organization operates a comprehensive network of clinical, therapeutic, educational, and employment programs and services that positively impact the lives of tens of thousands of children, adults – and their families – every year. Focused on clinical advances emerging from a new understanding of the brain, its unique approach combines evidence-based interventions with compassionate family engagement.

With more than 7,500 employees working in programs across the nation, Devereux is a recognized partner for families, schools and communities, serving many of our country’s most vulnerable populations in the areas of autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities, specialty mental health, and child welfare. Programs – offered in hospital, residential, community and school-based settings – include: assessments; interventions and support; transition and independent life services; family and professional training; research and innovation; and advocacy and public education. For more than a century, Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health has been guided by its mission: To change lives by unlocking and nurturing human potential for people living with emotional, behavioral or cognitive differences. Learn more at

Forever Families Through Adoption

Forever Families Through Adoption is a NY and CT-authorized, not-for-profit, adoption placement agency whose goal is to find a home for every child that is eligible for permanent adoption.  Joy Goldstein is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who counsels birth and adoptive parents and frequently lectures on adoption topics.  Michael is an attorney and social worker who assists clients with adoptions both domestically and internationally.

After more than 25 years and over 2,500 successful placements, the Goldstein’s founded F.F.T.A. in 2007 to provide the counseling, guidance, education, confidence and comfort to make the sometimes complex adoption process, a wonderful, rewarding and successful experience.

While most of F.F.T.A.’s  babies are healthy, Caucasian infants, the founders of F.F.T.A. are well known within the adoption community for having a particular fondness for – and expertise in – hard to place children, including those who have been drug or alcohol-exposed, are black or bi-racial, are the result of rape or incest, or are the offspring of incarcerated mothers.  They also take great pride in representing many single and same sex clients, and treat all persons with the respect and compassion they deserve regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, nationality or disability.

Holy Family Services

Holy Family Services, adoption & foster care, is a state-licensed 501 (c)(3) agency established in 1949 that provides full adoption services for adoptive, foster and birth parents. HFS has free counseling and adoption services for women and teens in unplanned pregnancies, 24/7/365. HFS is currently in need of adoptive parents for infants, older children and short term foster parents.

Please call for Orientation times, at 1-800-464-2367, or see us on the web at

Facebook: Holy Family Services, adoption & foster care.
Twitter@HFS Community.

Instagram: holy_family_services_840

Jewish Child & Family Services
Chicago, IL

Foster a child and rock his or her world! Our comprehensive specialized foster care program educates and supports foster parents. For more information about becoming a JCFS Foster Parent, visit:

Lisa Peck Goldberg Adoptions, LLC
(914) 420-6163

Our law firm is 100% dedicated to the practice of adoption law. Licensed in the State of New York, we represent adoptive parents and birth parents in the greater New York City area, including all five boroughs, Nassau, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Suffolk and Westchester Counties. It has been our great privilege and pleasure to provide legal assistance to hundreds of families, in both foster and private, domestic adoptions. We also represent clients in second parent adoptions, step-parent adoptions, and re-adoptions of international adoptions which were finalized outside the United States. Our clients include birth parents, same-sex couples, married and unmarried couples, and single men and women planning to adopt. There is no charge for an initial consult. Find us at We look forward to being a part of your family building journey.

NAFI Connecticut

NAFI Connecticut has been providing services to youth and families since 1994. Our foster care programs understand and support the complex and rewarding relationships within families. Our highly trained professionals provide support and training for families to help provide children with a structured, nurturing environment for optimal growth.

Treatment Foster Care Oregon is a short-term, treatment foster care program providing services for adolescents involved in the juvenile justice system. Families host a youth for approximately six to nine months with the goal of re-unifying the youth with their biological family or an appropriate aftercare resource.

Host Families are people that have a genuine interest in helping to provide a safe, structured, and nurturing environment for youth.

The main goals of the Host Family are to:

• Provide close supervision
• Offer a supportive relationship to the youth with at least one mentoring adult
• Encourage academic, social and emotional skill development.

NAFI staff help the families provide this holistic care through:

• Comprehensive pre-service training
• Clinical services for the child and biological family
• Weekly support groups for the Host Parent(s)
• 24 hour on-call for guidance and support

Please contact our recruitment specialist, Julie Kolakowski at or (860) 904-5385.


The National Center for Children Families
5140 Nannie Helen Burroughs Ave. N.E.
Washington, DC 20019

The National Center for Children Families - Foster Care and Adoption Services Division provides child safety, well-being and permanency through nurturing foster home placements. The foster care programs provide trauma informed case management services to youth and families who have entered foster care in the District of Columbia and Maryland due to neglect and/or abuse.

Join us to help Raise Hope & Foster Dreams!

National Youth Advocate Program

We are National Youth Advocate Program, Inc. (NYAP). We have a non-negotiable commitment to do what is best for children, youth and their families and have an abiding faith that every person has an innate ability to learn, grow and develop. We provide opportunities and resources to youth and families through our innovative programs and services, and we strongly support and offer guidance to our dedicated foster parents. We are united by our humanity and enriched by our diversity and are committed to supporting and protecting youth and families and to strengthening the communities we are proud to serve.

NYAP has provided cost effective, community based services and support to children, youth and families since 1978. We offer flexible, creative, outcome-based solutions in four different categories: Out-of-home Placement, Positive Youth Development, Reunification/Permanency and Prevention/Intervention. Since our beginning, we have watched the child welfare community evolve from being almost singularly focused on working with children identified as abused, neglected, dependent or delinquent, to the philosophy we have embraced for 40 years: the primary focus must be holistically placed on preserving and unifying families and strengthening the communities they call home. Learn more at

New Jersey Department of Children and Families

The New Jersey Department of Children Families, Division of Child Protection and Permanency, is New Jersey’s child protection and child welfare agency. Its mission is to ensure the safety, permanency and well-being of children and to support families. Our agency is a proud HRC All Children – All Families Recognized Leader in supporting and serving LGBT Youth and Families. There are children in your community who need the warmth and guidance of a family. You can make a difference, be a foster or adoptive parent. You Can Do This! You can provide a home where a child can feel safe, offer guidance, understanding and help a child heal. For more information about becoming and foster or adoptive parent, please visit us at,

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Robyn Harrod is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years of experience working with individuals and couples needing assistance with family planning. Her expertise is in helping people create their families through adoption and third party reproduction. She specializes in working within the LGBTQ+ community, helping her clients navigate the family building process. Robyn was the director of a foster family and adoption agency for 15 years before leaving to start her private practice and consulting work. She has been registered with the state of California for over 15 years as an Adoption Service Provider (ASP) where she works closely with birthparents supporting them through their adoption plan. Robyn has received multiple awards on the National level for her work in the adoption field. Although located in Southern California, Robyn works with families across the country, helping them determine the best family building option for themselves and their family. Having personal experience in both assisted reproduction and LGBTQ+ parenting, Robyn is able to have a deeper understanding of what her clients may be experiencing.  She can be reached at 213-590-8498 or A full list of her services can be found on her website




Spence-Chapin is a licensed and accredited nonprofit organization offering quality adoption services for more than 100 years. Our mission is to help find loving families for children whatever their needs or circumstances and provide counseling and support for all children and the families to whom they have been born or entrusted. Our mission is driven by the belief that every child deserves a family.

Spence-Chapin focuses on finding permanent homes for children who need families; promoting the understanding of adoption through counseling and public education; and improving adoption's image and practice. Through our
post-adoption support services and community programs, we help each family member navigate their individual adoption stories with clarity and confidence. Spence-Chapin's roots can be traced to the early 1900s and the pioneering work of Clara Spence, and Dr. and Mrs. Henry Chapin, who independently established nurseries out of concern for homeless infants abandoned in hospitals and shelters.

Today, Spence-Chapin is proud of our role as a prominent voice and leading advocate for adoption, and of our commitment to the wellbeing of birth parents, adoptive parents, and their children.

To learn more about adoption programs as well as post-adoption support, visit our website at or call us at 212-400-8150.

(669) 230-4015 ext. 103
811 Sherman Oaks Drive
San Jose, CA 95128
S.T.A.R. Programs has been serving foster youth in Santa Clara County, CA since 1976. Our Foster Family Agency is currently looking for Resource Parents (formally known as foster parents) to provide homes to youth in our community. Successful Resource Parents are dedicated to protecting, nurturing, and providing safe, healthy, trauma-informed environments with positive support for children who need a family. S.T.A.R. Foster Family Agency works as a team with Resource Parents to meet the needs of the children and support Resource Parents every step of the way.
Our agency is able to serve families from the following counties: Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito, Solano, San Francisco, and Contra Costa. Serving a diverse group of youth, our agency values multicultural and multiracial individuals and families, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer families, single-parent families, and all other families, couples and singles that can provide a caring home environment.


At any given moment, 150 children in Connecticut are waiting for a therapeutic foster home. They go to bed each night wondering if they will ever have a place where they feel like they belong. A home where they feel safe, stable and part of a family.

Can you provide that place for a child? Can you welcome a child into your home?

When you provide a home for a foster child, you change that child’s life in profound ways, setting them on a path of healing and success.  And you have a village – The Village – behind you. We provide extensive training and ongoing support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you need it.

If we all pitch in, we can find homes for these kids.

Reach out today to learn more, attend an information session, or schedule a presentation for your company, church, or group.


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