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Christine M. Hanisco, Esq.
The Stein Law Firm, PLLC
One Barberry Lane
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 228-1109

Attorney Christine M. Hanisco is an associate with The Stein Law Firm, PLLC in Concord, New Hampshire. An attorney since 2000, Chrissy turned her personal experience with infertility into her career passion and now represents individuals and couples world-wide, assisting them on their journey to parenthood. Chrissy can assist with all the legal aspects of gestational surrogacy, gamete donation, and embryo donation, as well as second-parent and step-parent adoption. She represents intended parents, as well as donors and surrogates.

Given the favorable surrogacy laws in New Hampshire, many hopeful parents are now seeking gestational carriers who reside in New Hampshire to help them have a baby. Stein Law is centrally located in the capital city with easy access to probate courts throughout the state. Attorney Hanisco is also licensed in Massachusetts and has a network of colleagues throughout the country whom she regularly works with on assisted reproduction cases.

Her colleagues at Stein Law also provide stellar representation in the areas of Personal Injury, Estate Planning, Elder Law, Probate Litigation, Civil Rights Litigation, Family Law, and Criminal Defense.

The Law Firm of Victoria Ferrara, PC
Creating Families, LLC

Attorney Victoria Ferrara-Loris founded Creating Families, LLC in order to further her law firm’s work in assisting people to create the families of their dreams.

Both Creating Families, LLC and The Law Firm of Victoria T. Ferrara, PC provide the finest and most attentive boutique representation for their clients who are taking the journey toward parenthood, and for the surrogates and gestational carriers who are giving the gift of life and family to these Intended Parents.

Attorney Ferrara has represented numerous couples and singles, gay and straight, from the United States and many other countries, including Italy, England, Israel, Hong Kong and Argentina. The work of the company and the firm incorporates matching Intended Parents and Surrogates; attending to and assisting the journey from the initial contact through the birth of the child; drafting legal contracts for gestational surrogacy, traditional surrogacy, egg donation, sperm donation, and embryo donation; and handling or facilitating court proceedings to ensure that the Parents will be named on the child’s birth certificate. Call or email for a consultation.

Law Office of Karen Persis, P.A.
1415 E. Robinson Street, Suite C
Orlando, FL 32801

Karen Persis is an attorney who focuses her practice on the areas of Adoption and Assisted Reproductive Technology Law, which is also referred to as reproductive law or surrogacy law. She has been licensed to practice in Florida since 2005, and handles cases throughout the state. She proudly represents the LGBT community, and can assist with matters relating to surrogacy agreements, egg donation agreements, sperm donation agreements, egg-sharing/embryo disposition agreements, step or second parent adoption, review of agency or fertility clinic agreements, and co-parenting agreements. Karen is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, and can also serve as a mediator in disputes relating to Assisted Reproductive Technology or Family Law matters. Since 2010, Ms. Persis has been selected every year as a Florida Rising Star, which is a distinction awarded to no more than 2.5% of the lawyers under the age of 40 in Florida. She has also been named a Legal Elite Up and Comer in 2014 and 2017. Recently, she was named the Orange County Bar Association’s Lawrence G. Mathews, Jr. Young Lawyer Professionalism Award winner for 2017.

Meryl B. Rosenberg, Esq.

Have questions about building your family?

We have answers.

Since 1993, Meryl B. Rosenberg, Esq. has been guiding LGBT couples and singles on the path to parenthood. Whether you need a complete surrogacy program — from “the match” through the birth of your baby — or legal services for second-parent adoption, birth orders, or egg/sperm/embryo donation — we know how to help.

LEGAL SERVICES FOR LGBT FAMILY-BUILDING: In the evolving field of reproductive law, our expertise and personalized approach are uniquely suited to meet your needs. As LGBT parents, it is essential that you secure recognition as the child's legal parent(s). We specialize in second-parent adoptions in Maryland and DC, and offer legal assistance with egg/embryo/sperm donation, birth orders, and surrogacy.

COMPREHENSIVE SURROGACY PROGRAM: We'll guide you from start to finish: find the right gestational surrogate, manage expenses, and coordinate the entire process through the birth. Ultimately, we will ensure that you are recognized as the child's sole legal parent(s).

JUST ASK: We are devoted to providing our clients with attention, advice and care. Our Founder, Meryl Rosenberg, will personally answer your questions and handle all legal representation.

Call Meryl at (301) 217-0074, or visit

Murdoch Hughes & Twarog, Attorneys at Law, PC

131 Main Street – P.O. Box 363
Burlington, Vermont 05402-0363
(802) 864-9811

Kurt Hughes and Michelle Tarnelli concentrate in assisted reproductive technology (ART) and adoption law, including gestational surrogacy contracts, gamete donor contracts, interstate and step-parent adoptions, and contested termination of parental rights litigation in probate courts throughout Vermont. 

Kurt Hughes was one of the first Vermont attorneys to become a fellow of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys (AAAA) and is the only Vermont attorney in the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys (AAARTA). Michelle Tarnelli has been practicing in this area since working with the firm during a semester in practice in her final year of Vermont Law School, where she was an editor of the Vermont Law Review. She was hired as an associate with the firm immediately upon graduation, and concentrates in the areas of family, ART and adoption law.

Kurt and Michelle are dedicated to providing ethical and supportive legal assistance to clients as they build their families through ART and adoption.

Rosin Steinhagen Mendel

Rosin Steinhagen Mendel is a law firm dedicated to serving our clients in New York City, the surrounding counties in southern New York State, and in New Jersey, in the areas of adoption, assisted reproductive technology, foster care litigation, and custody.

For over 35 years, our attorneys have represented adoptive parents, birth parents, foster parents, children, foster care agencies, adoption agencies, donors, and intended parents. We represent our clients in all types of proceedings that include adoption, termination of parental rights, permanency hearings, custody hearings, guardianship, and administrative proceedings.

Our goal for our lawyers is to provide each of our clients with the best possible representation in all aspects of their cases, and clients appreciate our careful analysis of individual cases, through our preparation and attention to detail.


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