The Country School

The Country School offers a magical camp experience for children ages 2.6-7 years old. Children are encouraged to explore new activities, develop skills in swimming, sports, team work, yoga, art, science, music and movement. Our state-of-the-art facility includes a 6000 square foot sunny indoor air conditioned space, several different playgrounds, picnic area, large sand boxes, a heated swimming pool, age appropriate sports field, and a barnyard area which houses our chickens and goats.
Group sizes are small enough to give each child individualized attention, yet large enough to make new friends. Each age group is lead by an experienced teacher and is assisted by fun, mature counselors.
Campers can enroll for the entire summer or individual weeks.


EF Academy International Boarding Schools

582 Columbus Ave., Thornwood, NY 10594

(914) 495-6028

EF Academy prepares students not only for academic success, but also for true global citizenship through critical learning and unparalleled intercultural immersion in what amounts to a diverse United Nations-style high school community. Our three school promises are to provide a superior education, thorough preparation for university, and a future that knows no borders.

Our flagship campus, EF Academy New York, is located on 98 acres in suburban Westchester County, under an hour north of Manhattan and its boundless educational opportunities. Home to 715 students from 60 different countries, EF Academy embraces the spirit of collaborative international perspective — in no small part through our IB Diploma program. Beyond that, we offer a range of programs so that all of our students master a key set of global competencies in multilingualism, leadership and travel, enhanced by a broad array of clubs, activities and competitions. With everything from equestrian to soccer, coding to fine arts, students have the opportunity to discover their true passions—fitting in and developing the confidence and independence that will serve them well in college and the real world after.

EF Academy also offers a global campus rotation option among its other locations in the heart of Oxford, England, and the Jewel of the English Riviera: Torbay.

Green Meadow Waldorf School

307 Hungry Hollow Rd., Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977
Nursery – 12th grade

Green Meadow Waldorf School offers programs for babies and toddlers from birth to age three, serves children from Nursery through 12th grade, and runs popular summer programs. Founded in 1950, we are one of the oldest, largest Waldorf schools in the US, with almost 400 students. Benefiting from discovery and play in our Early Childhood program, skill-building in our Lower School, and rigorous intellectual challenges in the High School, Green Meadow students go on to top colleges, fulfilling careers, and are known for their resilience and creativity. Come to an admissions event or call us to learn more about how we are transforming education. We also have a strong commitment to serving a diverse range of children, and we welcome LGBTQ and gender-nonconforming families. We invite you to read about our commitment to diversity at

Hackley School
293 Benedict Ave
Tarrytown, NY 10591

A member of both the Ivy Preparatory League and the international schools consortium Round Square, Hackley has a 285-acre woodland campus in Tarrytown with extensive facilities to support our K-12 educational program, including a science building, geothermal library, competition cross-country trail system, eight athletics fields, and a new 110,000-sq ft Center for Health and Wellness.  Through ongoing effort to increase socioeconomic diversity, Hackley now draws from over 70 communities, from Cold Spring to Manhattan, from Ridgefield, CT to Franklin Lakes, NJ and all points in between.

Hackley’s mission “challenges students go grow in character, scholarship, and accomplishment, to offer unreserved effort, and to learn from the varying perspectives and backgrounds in our community and the world.”  Hackley students discover themselves through relationships with others—in classrooms, on stage, in arts studios, through community service, and on playing fields. Committed to international understanding, diversity, environmental stewardship, adventure, leadership, and service, Hackley prepares students to think and act with care and effectiveness both at school and in their broader communities.

Welcomed by the motto, “Enter here to be and find a friend,” Hackley honors strength of character, offering students a warm, supportive community that enables both challenge and nurture, giving them the means to set high personal goals and attain them. Through this strong ethos and the quality of its faculty and students, Hackley has achieved distinction as an educational force shaping the lives of generations.

Rye Country Day School
Cedar St., Rye, NY 10580
PreK - 12th grade

Rye Country Day School is a coeducational, college preparatory school in Rye, New York, dedicated to providing students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 with an excellent education using both traditional and innovative approaches. In a nurturing and supportive environment, we offer a challenging program that stimulates individuals to achieve their maximum potential through academic, athletic, creative and social endeavors. We are actively committed to diversity. We expect  and promote moral responsibility, and strive to develop strength of  character within a respectful school community. Our goal is to foster a lifelong passion for learning, understanding, and service in an ever-changing world.


The Allen-Stevenson School
132 E. 78th St., New York, NY 10075

Allen-Stevenson¹s distinctive “enlightened traditional” approach educates boys to become scholars and gentlemen. In the belief that there are many ways to be a boy, the School offers an ongoing commitment to each student and uses the best insights and tools available to understand him as a whole person. We inspire in each boy an appreciation of responsible citizenship and a lifelong love of learning.

Allen-Stevenson upholds the educational goals originally established by our founders, Mr. Allen and Mr. Stevenson. As an elementary school for boys, Allen-Stevenson lays out an educational path that is developmentally appropriate, while also preparing its students for rigorous college preparatory secondary schools, both boarding and day.

Allen-Stevenson’s course of study is thoughtfully balanced to include very strong academics and a variety of positive experiences in the arts and athletics. While the sense of competition is strong, there are many opportunities for boys to work together both within their age group as well as with older or younger students.

Throughout the curriculum, the program stresses dedication to achievement and the pursuit of excellence. We encourage a sense of community and respect for others, and the expectation of personal integrity and responsibility.

Avenues: The World School
259 10th Ave, New York, NY 10001

Launched in September 2012, Avenues: The World School is located in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. Serving nursery through 12th grade, Avenues is focused on three principles: second language proficiency, which is essential to achieve true global citizenship; global readiness, delivered through a global studies curriculum called the World Course; and international experience.

Bank Street School for Children
610 West 112th St., New York, NY 10025
430 Children

Lower School: Nursery – Kindergarten
Middle School: 1st Grade – 4th Grade
Upper School: 5th Grade – 8th Grade

Bank Street School for Children is a progressive independent school and a working model of the Bank Street College of Education’s approach to learning and teaching. The curriculum is experience-based, interdisciplinary, and collaborative. The emphasis is on educating the whole child – the emotional, social, physical, and intellectual being – while at the same time, recognizing and valuing the child’s integrity as a learner, teacher, and classmate. Children become self-motivated learners and strong community members though active engagement with all aspects of the environment.  Education at the School for Children is experienced-based. Carefully designed and executed educational experiences offer the framework for each child’s process of “meaning making” and personal reflection. Constructivism - the idea that a child makes discoveries from his or her own observations, explorations, and experiences, and then uses all of them to construct understanding – is the basis of the educational program.

The School has a commitment to diversity that is consistent with the progressive tenet that schools should represent the demographics of the society in which they exist. We strive to acknowledge, support, and educate every member of our community, both children and adults, to be sensitive to and respectful of the diversity among us with regard to race, ethnicity, class, religion, gender, sexual orientation, learning style, family structure, and physical ability. Moreover, a broadly based financial aid program provides tuition assistance, based on need, to attract and maintain a range of socio-economic diversity. Our philosophical beliefs and scholarly practice in our classrooms have a prominent anti-bias foundation, as well as a social justice and equity-driven curriculum reflected in all subject areas.

Brooklyn Heights Montessori

185 Court St., Brooklyn, NY  11201

The Calhoun School
Preschool – 12th Grade

433 West End Avenue at 81st Street (3rd–12th grades)


160 West 74th Street at Amsterdam Avenue (3’s–2nd grade)


A leader in progressive education, Calhoun School inspires a passion for learning in a joyful environment that values intellect, creativity, diversity and community involvement. Students become scholars, writers, scientists, artists, critical thinkers and problem solvers, engaged in the construction of knowledge and promotion of social justice.

Calhoun is a warm, inclusive community that is committed to striving for equity; we celebrate racial, ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic diversity, and believe it is an essential component of a rich education for all students. We appreciate the uniqueness of each student, and sustain an atmosphere of inquiry, curiosity, collaboration and mutual support—not one of competition and comparison. Our mission is to support and challenge our students so that they will emerge as sensitive, healthy, thoughtful, well-prepared citizens of the world community.

Interested families are invited to visit us at, or call 212-497-6500 to schedule a tour of the school.

The Churchill School and Center
Bob Thomas
Director of Admissions and Communications

The Churchill School and Center is a community dedicated to helping students with learning differences become confident, self-advocating learners. At The Churchill School, all children are capable of achieving their goals in life when provided the support and nurturing they need. Our mission as a K-12 coeducational college preparatory day school, “is dedicated to working collaboratively with students, educators, and families to help children with language based learning disabilities realize their full potential.”

Academic instruction emphasizes the development of metacognitive strategies to strengthen executive functioning and self-awareness. Coupled with a curriculum centered around our Core Values of Integrity, Kindness, Responsibility, Respect, and Perseverance, Churchill teaches students acceptance of themselves and empathy towards others. With a wide choice of arts, sports, club, and elective offerings, students’ existing and new interests and abilities can also flourish.

The Churchill School community is a safe, welcoming community for both the student and family. We partner with you as your child moves through this journey and, together, we work to help them “Reveal Their Abilities”, recognizing and celebrating who they are and who they can become. Students leave Churchill as well-rounded, confident self-advocates prepared for the challenges of life.

City and Country School
146 West 13th Street
New York, NY 10011
Director of Admissions: Elise Bauer
Admissions Associate: Erika Greenberg

City and Country School, for ages two – eighth grade, is a historically significant progressive school founded in 1914 by pioneer educator Caroline Pratt. Housed in seven brownstones in the West Village, its buildings and courtyards are filled with character and natural light.

Early childhood classrooms follow a simple-by-design philosophy. Children use basic materials including paint, clay, wood, water, and Pratt’s creation: wooden blocks, now used the world over. These open-ended materials, along with expert teachers, inspire creativity and cooperation, while promoting attention span and cognition.

Young children use another of Pratt’s innovative designs: outdoor blocks. Children create play structures using boxes, blocks, boards, and sawhorses. Older groups use the School’s gym facility; the team sports program is introduced at age 10.

Older children engage in sophisticated historical studies of our diverse world, incorporating themes of social justice. Art, Technology, Music, Science, Woodshop, Rhythms, and Spanish complement their studies of history and culture. A hallmark is the Jobs Program: each group performs a job for the School (for example, school supply store). Through their jobs, children solidify skills in context, and develop authentic confidence, responsibility, and resourcefulness.

Students are accepted to an impressive range of high schools, most attending their top choice.

The Co-op School
40 Brevoort Place
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Preschool to 5th Grade

All members of The Co-op School — students, families and staff — contribute to the development of our unique culture. Teachers collaborate and guide students in the dynamic, life-long process of questioning and deepening connections.

We, The Co-op School, believe in and nurture the following Core Values:
Compassion: the strength to work together as a team, to be an individual, to respect differences of opinions, and have the ability to empathize with others.
Uniqueness: the confidence that leads to risk taking, problem solving, and taking pride in one’s own point of view.
Innovation: curiosity, creativity, experimentation and perseverance when faced with challenges.
Community Action: an awareness, respect and care for our surroundings, community and environment.
Joy: the simple joy of playing, learning, and friendship making.

The Co-op School is an inclusive community. We welcome and celebrate students and families who represent the diversity of Brooklyn and beyond, as it relates to race, ethnicity, gender, family structure, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic class and physical ability. We are committed to anti-bias teaching, which for young children is as much about precluding the formation of biases as it is disproving their myths.

Epiphany Community Nursery School
510 East 74th St., 
New York, NY 10021
212 737-2977

Epiphany Community Nursery School is a traditional, non-sectarian, multi-cultural pre-school for children 20 months-5 years old located on the Upper Eastside. We have a carefully thought out 3-step developmental plan: Twos need to learn how to share and separate, Threes need to learn independence and Fours need to become active learners who can make meaningful connections from their world. Each step builds on the next to assist in making the children the best learners they can be. We believe in “giving back” and actively do Community Service every month. Our parents are involved and our teachers and administration are resourceful, dedicated and serious about what we do. We have a Book Fair, an active website, School Store, a Newsletter, a newly designed ECNS phone app, an Alum Pizza party and a Babysitter’s Breakfast and we celebrate any holiday that has food and music. We love parades and have a school cheer: “Let’s Hear It For Epiphany”. We care deeply about what we do, please come and see what we do first hand, plan a visit to ECNS! Contact:

Green Ivy Schools

Battery Park Montessori

Battery Park Montessori is a Montessori preschool, nestled among trees and tucked away on the riverfront in South Battery Park City.

Children are free to explore the Montessori materials in a nurturing environment where light, nature and water are ever-present themes. Our patio and garden offer rich options for work periods, during which children are encouraged to become thoughtful, compassionate learners who interact respectfully with the natural world.

Each child is constantly challenged to take risks and develop their interests. Montessori teachers gently guide children according to those interests, which helps spark their individual passions and a life long love of learning. Our children are encouraged to cultivate a curiosity to know more and the confidence to ask meaningful questions. They are invited to become confident students who find their own answers and celebrate their mistakes as valuable moments on their journey to mastery.

As our children learn so do they teach. As each child masters a particular concept or skill they are invited to teach that material to their peers throughout the school. Montessori children develop deep care for their friends, their community and the environment.
We are enrolling children ages 2 through 6, with half-day sessions for ages 2-3 and full-day sessions for ages 3-6.

Pine Street School

Pine Street School is the first candidate school for the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme in Lower Manhattan. Home to 40 bright, modern classrooms and tailored learning spaces, we span 85,000 square feet in the heart of FiDi.

Our technology-forward curriculum is inherently STEAM-based. From math, science and language, to music, arts and athletics, we combine disciplines in unique ways to keep students challenged and engaged while providing a rigorous course of study. Real world problems of personal interest are given real world answers through hands on inquiry.

With IB, students are extremely involved in their own development. Before beginning any new project they work with their teacher to define the characteristics of an “excellent” outcome. They engage rubrics, checklists, benchmarks and standards to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their effort at key milestones. In this way they learn to focus on excellence rather than task completion.

Helping students become bilingual, biliterate, binumerate and bicultural, our curriculum features a dual language Spanish immersion program. In addition we reflect our international downtown community with over 20 countries and more than 15 languages represented in our school.

We are currently admitting students from 2 years through 4th grade – with Montessori running concurrently in the preschool program - and will expand grades each year through Middle School.

Little Red School House/Elisabeth Irwin High School
Lower and Middle School
272 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10014

High School
40 Charlton Street, New York, NY 10014
Preschool - 12th Grade

New York City's Little Red School Little Red House/Elisabeth Irwin High School (LREI) has numerous gay-positive attributes. Founder, Elisabeth Irwin, was a model of lesbian leadership. She and her partner, Katharine Anthony, were adoptive parents. A lesbian-and-gay-issues committee of faculty, parents, and administration is an active voice in the school. The committee and the school co-sponsors the "Love Makes a Family; Living in Lesbian and Gay Families" photo-text exhibit which is attended by all students and faculty. "It's Elementary", a documentary about the importance of including lesbian and gay voices and themes in elementary curriculum, was viewed by the faculty and parents. Lesbian and Gay Pride Month is celebrated each October through assemblies and class discussions. Lower School teachers have devised an inclusive family curriculum, which recognizes gay and lesbian parents. The Middle School Adolescent Issues program deals with a wide range of matters, including sexuality and discrimination, with a focus on developing decision-making skills. LREI's library collection includes books for children of gays and lesbians and books which address sexuality.

Manhattan Country School
150 W. 85th St.
New York, NY 10024

PreK - 8th grade

Manhattan Country School is a pre-K through eighth grade co-ed elementary school where children are members of a collaborative learning community. A recognized leader in progressive education, Manhattan Country School offers a cohesive, challenging academic program—one in which teachers rely on experiential learning and creative pursuits to stimulate intellect. In addition to being well-trained in the academic disciplines, students acquire a deep understanding of activism and social justice and develop the strength and resources to effect change and pursue their goals. The student body reflects the diversity of New York City, with no racial group accounting for more than 50 percent. This diversity is supported by an innovative sliding-scale tuition program that enables every family to pay according to its means. A unique feature of the school is the award-winning MCS Farm in the Catskill Mountains. The farm program engages students with the natural processes that support life and provides an unparalleled experience of social growth. Manhattan Country School students graduate with highly developed critical-thinking skills, a sense of purpose and a deep understanding of our multicultural world. They go on to attend a variety of highly selective independent, public and parochial high schools, and boarding schools.

Mary McDowell Friends School

Mary McDowell Friends School (MMFS) is an independent K-12 college preparatory Quaker school for students with learning disabilities. The school opened in 1984 with an elementary class of five students, and has grown to its current enrolment of 393 students reflecting the diverse ethnic and racial spectrum of the New York City metropolitan area. The school is comprised of three campuses in Brooklyn: an elementary school at 20 Bergen Street, a middle school at 135 Summit Street, and an upper school at 23 Sidney Place.
Mary McDowell Friends School provides a structured, multi-sensory, interdisciplinary approach to education combining large and small group work, language modification, and hands-on learning. A high staff-to-student ratio enables students to receive differentiated instruction to meet their unique learning needs. The arts – visual arts, music, and theater – and physical education are important components of the curriculum. Support services are provided during the school day by language therapists and psychologists.

Grounded in the Quaker values of equality, integrity, and social responsibility, the school cultivates a diverse community. By offering a supportive environment and innovative programming, MMFS is helping students with learning disabilities become academic achievers, creative thinkers, and contributing members of a global society.

Park Avenue Methodist Day School

Park Avenue Methodist Day School (PAMDS)

106 East 86th Street

New York, NY 10028

Molly M. DeGesero – Director

Park Avenue Methodist Day School (PAMDS) was founded in 1953 with many families across the city well acquainted with our secular pre-school serving children 2 to 5 years of age. When the school was established, our play-based pedagogic model was virtually the only form of early childhood education.  While other educational approaches have been introduced or developed since then, we continue to hold play at our core. PAMDS is the home of ‘Playful Inquiry’. Through constructive and meaningful play experiences and ‘Cycles of Inquiry’, children not only learn what they need to know, but also acquire the skills that they need to be successful learners and citizens beyond preschool. We listen to what each child has to say and treat each child as an individual. We praise the child’s process of discovery and encourage them to take risks. We support children to be respectful, active, excited, autonomous, curious and courageous learners.

We are seeking families who take an active role in their child’s life and firmly believe that play is a child’s work. PAMDS understands that a quality school relationship puts the child and the family at the center of our mission. We look forward to partnering with you throughout your time with us.

Riverdale Country School

5250 Fieldston Rd., Riverdale, NY 10471
718-549-8810, 718-549-7780
PreK - 12 grade

At Riverdale Country School, we educate boys and girls in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 based on guiding principles in four areas: mind, character, commitment, and community.

High standards are valued, but so are innovative approaches to learning. We invite students to cast a wide net during their years on campus, encouraging them to explore subjects in the arts and sciences that interest them. Students' intellectual curiosity and emotional growth are given thoughtful support even as they grow independent as learners.

Honesty, self-discipline, resilience, and perseverance are qualities we encourage. A multifaceted support system provides students with the assistance they need as they pursue opportunities and learn life lessons.

A successful life is made up of the many commitments we make, both to ourselves and to others. Riverdale's emphasis on commitment to a wide range of activities, including academics, sports, community service, and the arts, endows students with a sense of satisfaction and balance.

The Riverdale campuses are an ideal setting for an intimate community of learners. Students also expand their view of community beyond the wooded campuses; they are encouraged to view themselves as citizens of the world, with all the joy and responsibility that implies.

Rodeph Sholom School

Rodeph Sholom School
10 West 84th Street

168 West 79th Street

7 West 83rd St.
New York, NY 10024

646-438-8600 Admissions

646-438-8500 Main

Rodeph Sholom School, a Reform Jewish day school, fosters intellectual curiosity through a challenging independent school academic program. At the heart of RSS is a warm, vibrant community, where students are guided by Jewish knowledge, values and ethics to become self-confident and socially responsible leaders.

Founded in 1958, RSS is the only Reform Jewish day school in New York City to serve students from nursery school through 8th grade. We believe that these are the most critical years in a child's development, when we can help establish a cultural identity and academic foundation that will allow students to flourish in high school and beyond.

With more than 600 students total, RSS is large and diverse enough to offer a stimulating and academic program, yet small enough to guarantee that every child receives the individualized attention he or she deserves. Upon graduation, our 8th Grade students routinely attend the most competitive independent and public high schools in New York City and beyond.

The benefits of an RSS education extend far beyond the classroom. The moment your child joins the Rodeph Sholom School community, your family becomes part of Congregation Rodeph Sholom, a warm and welcoming community on the Upper West Side.

St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s
619 West 114th Street, New York, NY 10025
Beginner - 8th grade

St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s is a coeducational, Episcopal day school enrolling 375 students in Beginner – Grade 8.  We strive to create an educational community that reflects unity in diversity:  a unity of purpose and shared values among a population diverse in race, ethnicity, culture, socio-economic status, and religious beliefs. A strong liberal arts curriculum promotes the developmental competencies of each child and readies students for leading secondary schools in New York City and nationwide.  French, Spanish or Mandarin Chinese is introduced in Nursery; studio art in Junior Kindergarten; technology in Grade 2; woodworking, drama, and English brass band in Grade 4; Shakespeare in Grade 6; and Latin in Grade 7. Extended Day Program for Nursery – Grade 8 is offered until 6:30 pm.

The Town School
540 East 76th St., New York, NY 10021

The Town School is committed to elementary co-education, serving students in Nursery through Eighth grade. As we embrace high academic and ethical standards for each student, we are guided by our school motto, “let there be joy in learning.”

Town’s program balances the traditional and the innovative, emphasizing excellence in academics and a thorough exposure to the arts and physical education. We teach children to think creatively, read critically and reason logically, stressing the value of both individual learning and collaboration. We are committed to diversity, teaching students to be inclusive and to respect themselves and others.

We believe that the process of learning is as important as the result. Town builds on children’s natural curiosity and creativity, helping them to discover and celebrate their strengths. In our nurturing and supportive environment, we challenge each student to take risks and persevere. The program enables students to experience success, increase self-confidence and develop individuality. Faculty and parents collaborate in support of each child’s growth.

Twin Parks Montessori School


Central Park Montessori

1 West 91st St., NYC 10024


Park West Montessori School

435 Central Park West, NYC 10025


Riverside Montessori School

202 Riverside Dr., NYC 10025

(212) 665-1600

Twin Parks Montessori Schools (TPMS),, are accredited by the American Montessori Society, the Middle States Commission and are affiliates schools of Columbia University. TPMS provide nurturing, child-centered settings for children ages 3 months-6 years. TPMS are committed to fostering a community of lifelong learners using proven Montessori methodology. Problem solving and creativity are emphasized along with age-appropriate academic subjects. TPMS are among Manhattan’s most spacious preschools, offering rich and varied environments— from individual activity tables to open floor areas promoting group interaction, from the quiet areas for independent interests to the abundance of the Schools’ glorious backyards: Central and Riverside Parks. Each of these environments invites exploration, discovery and fully meets the developmental needs of young children.

Winston Preparatory School

At Winston Preparatory School, we view each student as a unique individual learner who has potential and is Able to Learn. It is also important that our work is grounded in research regarding how people learn and the learning differences that cause students to struggle. We begin our understanding by looking through a neuropsychological lens based on decades of research on learning and cognition. This is just the first step. It is important that we understand both who our students are as learners, as well as who they are as people. WPS students have some notable gifts, and our individual approach allows us to explore and develop these gifts. Everything we do is based on this in-depth understanding of each individual student.

Winston Preparatory School is an innovative day school for students, grades 4-12, with learning differences such as dyslexia, nonverbal learning disabilities, and executive functioning difficulties. We do this through a process that understands each student, individualizes a program to meet their needs and that builds a powerful sense of community. We call this process the Continuous Feedback System. This system is designed to deeply understand each student's specific learning profile including their strengths and potential.

Come to an open house and learn more about our educational philosophy and tour our school.

York Avenue Preschool
1520 York Ave., New York, NY 10028

York Avenue Preschool is a private independent school chartered by the Board of Regents of the State of New York, licensed by the Department of Health, Bureau of Daycare of the City of New York and a member of the Independent School Admissions Association of Greater New York (ISAAGNY). The mission of the school is to provide our students with joyful, early childhood education integrating sequential curriculum with scheduled periods of art, music, physical education and French for older students within a safe, interactive learning environment which promotes social skills, language, literacy and daily opportunities for discovering mathematics and science. The facilities include two spacious gymnasiums customized for early learners, a library, an art room, a well-equipped outdoor playground, and several self-contained, newly renovated classrooms, each with a kitchenette and restroom. The Head teachers hold Master’s degrees in Early Childhood Education and are certified by the New York State Department of Education.




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