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Summer Camp Provides Skills For A Lifetime

As a parent, one of my favorite moments is when I hear the sound of my daughter laughing. It’s a deep bellied laugh that comes from the core of her being. It fills me with joy and reminds me that my primary goal is to provide her with an emotionally and physically safe, healthy and happy life. I want to provide her with the opportunity to develop as an individual and foster her inner strength and resilience. That is why I believe that summer camp is an essential part of a child’s life.

My daughter has been around camp every summer of her life (she’s currently 5.) That’s one of the perks of having a camp director dad; camp is just another part of normal life. I want the children that come to Camp Chateaugay to have that level of comfort and freedom when they are away from home.

I went to Chateaugay when I was a child, as did my mother, so I have Camp Chateaugay running through my veins. Before I attended camp, I was a shy, reserved child, most comfortable watching activities from a distance. My most painful experience was in school gym class where kids were picked for teams. I was usually picked close to last. I was a decent athlete, but never had the self-confidence to assert myself, nor did anyone ever teach me that “being assertive” was a skill I could learn. Therefore, I suffered in silence. At Camp Chateaugay, we supervise campers 24 hours a day. Our staff are trained to identify behavior that may suggest a child is uncomfortable. They then skillfully intervene to encourage children to communicate their discomfort and support them in resolving the issue.

At Camp Chateaugay, there are many different activities in which to participate. Not only can campers learn new things, like ceramics or sailing, but they also learn some of life’s less obvious skills like “creativity” or “self-reliance.” Through engaging with new friends and working with talented, supportive staff, campers will learn to step out of their shell. They engage with new friends, develop healthy self-esteem and the learn the ability to advocate for themselves.

It can be overwhelming to choose the right camp for your child. Here are some helpful tips that will aid you in finding the camp that is right for your family:

1) Know the camp culture. Do you want a traditional camp which provides a well-rounded experience, or do you want something specific like a horseback riding camp? Coed or single sex? Full summer or sessions? There are all sorts of camps out there, so identifying the top values you want your child to experience will assist you in finding the camp you want.

2) After you narrow down the choices, include your child in the process. Part of fostering independence in your child is letting them know you trust their judgement. Involving your child in the camp selection process is essential to building their trust.

3) Meet the camp leaders. The camp director is ultimately the person responsible for your child’s well-being. It is valuable to meet the people caring for your child in person. Most camps will set up a “home visit” where you meet the director and ask them questions in person.

4) Understand that camp benefits both parents and children alike. The independence and self-reliance your child will learn has a direct, positive impact on you as an adult.

I hope this has been helpful in thinking about the camp that is right for your child. I invite you to consider Camp Chateaugay. We are a coed, traditional camp in NY State’s beautiful Adirondack Mountains. Our pristine location and nurturing culture make us an ideal place to spend the summer. Campers delight in trying new activities in a fun, supportive and non-competitive environment. They form friendships that last a lifetime. We offer a variety of activities including land and water sports, creative and performing arts, animal care, horseback riding and outdoor adventure. The program is either full summer (7 weeks) or 3.5 week sessions for children between the ages of 7 and 17. For more information about Camp Chateaugay you can reach me at or (800)487-3866.

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