Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our Gay Parent Magazine and provide the answers here. 

How often does Gay Parent Magazine (GPM) publish?

GPM publishes six times a year: January-February issue, March-April issue, May-June issue, July-August issue, September-October issue and our anniversary November-December issue.

Gay Parent Magazine-New York, is published annually every May 1st.

How can I get a copy of GPM?

GPM is mainly distributed free at select LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community centers and other venues across the USA. You can also purchase the current issue, available back issues and a subscription through this web site.

GPM-New York is distributed only in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

How can I advertise in GPM?

Advertising sizes and rate information is available on the page 
Advertise With Us page on this web site. You can also phone 718-380-1780 between the hours of 9:00 AM-5:00 PM eastern time, Monday through Friday, or email your name, company name, postal address, and phone number to and we will mail you a media kit/advertising rate packet.

Where can I advertise on your web site?

See the top of our home page for Premium banner placements. Regular banner ads and Text and Text Link ads are placed pages Resources
and More Resources. However, regular banner ads can also be placed on editorial pages; ask us about placing your Regular banner ad at the top of pages with the highest traffic.  

What are your writer's guidelines?

We only accept articles written specifically on LGBT parenting and children raised by LGBT couples and individuals. GPM also accepts articles written by LGBT parents or their children on their personal experiences. Submissions should be emailed to Length of articles should be about 1000 words; longer submissions must be approved by the publisher/editor. Payment and copies of issues are available for accepted submissions.

I am a parent in the LGBT community or an adult child of an LGBT identified individual – would you like to interview me for your publication?

Gay Parent Magazine welcomes LGBT parents and adult children of LGBTs to contact us as possible feature stories. Please email us at

I am a business owner interested in writing or submitting an article about my business or product - do you accept this type of editorial submission?

If you pay for advertising space in our print issue of Gay Parent Magazine we will give you added value by publishing an "Advertiser Profile" article about your business or publishing an article submitted by your company. Contact us for the required minimum ad space purchase to receive your accompanying editorial profile.

Where do I send a press release?

Email your press release to We cannot guarantee that your press release information will be published.

We are seeking lesbian or gay male parents for our television show, documentary, study, school report or project – can you refer me to individuals?

We do not refer parents nor do we publish free announcements seeking participants for your project. We suggest you either purchase advertising space in GPM, post an announcement on our Facebook page at or contact the parent support groups listed on our Support Groups page on our web site. If you are a student seeking information for a report, we cannot refer participants directly but can send you copies of Gay Parent magazine for your report if you email your postal address.

We are seeking sponsors for our pride celebration or event – would you like to be a sponsor?

GPM will consider being a media or donor sponsor for your event. Email your event information to

How can we get copies of Gay Parent Magazine for our attendees at our event?

Let us know the number of copies, address to ship to and by what date.

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