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Rodeph Sholom School: A Story of Two Dads

Finding the Right School

For 50 years, Jewish values have been intrinsic in our teachings and learnings. No matter the year, our families have always shared one common goal: to give their children an education with a purpose.

Patrick and David, fathers to now eight year old twins Leora and Yoni explained, “To be honest, we were utterly unprepared to vet NYC kindergartens. And we’d never heard of Rodeph Sholom School. Even David, who is the Jewish half of our interfaith marriage and who’d attended Ramaz on the Upper East Side, was scratching his head when our Kindergarten Selection Consultant (you read correctly) said that RSS would be our school if we wanted a Jewish education.

From the time students begin nursery school up until they graduate, three guiding principles are woven into the everyday lives of the Rodeph Sholom School community: Love of Learning, Community, and Responsibility. Our school teaches our students to question and think critically in order to make informed decisions. We value the seeking of wisdom all around us by honoring and embracing different modalities of learning, both inside and outside the classroom. We embrace learning in partnership, and believe that curiosity and wonder are at the root of joy and excitement in learning.

“We didn’t know if we really wanted a Jewish school. We didn’t know anyone at RSS. We didn’t know how they’d handle same-sex parents,” says Patrick. Taking all things into consideration, our Reformed Jewish School was the community and school they decided to partner with to raise their twins. The Rodeph Sholom School community is the force that connects us to each other in myriad ways within the school, to Congregation Rodeph Sholom, to the Jewish people, and to the world beyond. We create a community in which we treat one another with respect. We take personal responsibility by striving to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be. We seek to have integrity, to be self-aware, and consequently to take responsibility for one another in the community by teaching, modeling, and expecting kindness and accountability from others. As our community engages with the world at large, we fulfill the obligation of pursuing justice and righteousness. The Rodeph Sholom School committed ourselves to a values based education 50 years ago, way before it became a trend. Our community actively works toward repairing the world rather than standing idly by. For Patrick and David and so many other families, finding “the right religious school is a beautiful way to include ethics and social responsibility into the kids’ everyday school experience.

It is not an exaggeration to say that excellent teachers change students’ lives. For five decades, the faculty and staff of Rodeph Sholom School have been making learning exciting, helping our children to know and believe in themselves, and inspiring them to accomplish amazing things. “During the application process, we could not possibly have known how much we were going to admire the RSS teachers & staff. Or how thrilled we’d be by the blossoming of our kids at RSS, both socially and intellectually. Or how truly included we would feel among the other Rodeph Sholom School families.”

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