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U.S.-Based Sperm Bank First to Announce

Guaranteed Cap on Family Units for New Donors

If you’re like most women considering having a child, chances are you’ve entertained the idea of using a sperm bank. Whether the idea intrigued or terrified you (we’ve all seen the headlines!), the issue over how many offspring can come from each donor has the potential to keep you up at night.

In an industry-defining move, U.S.-based Xytex Cryo International recently announced their  unprecedented Transparency+ pledge, which includes the debut of a guaranteed cap on family units for new donors, referred to as Family Slot Reservations.

Pink News had questions so we went straight to the source to get the truth behind the headlines.

Why is this important?
In the past, Xytex operated on the accepted industry-standard methodology of reporting births, the way that the overwhelming majority of sperm banks still operate. The problem? Often times clinics and patients are too busy to accurately report successful birth—so much so that research has proven that as much as 40% of all these births go unreported. This creates the illusion of a lower number of children born to a donor and perpetuates a false sense of security.

How is this different than what is already being done?
Traditionally, sperm banks in the U.S. and around the globe rely on families to report their births in order to track how many children are born to each donor.

Although U.S. sperm banks are required to operate under FDA regulations, Xytex has committed to go above and beyond, providing the most clarity in the industry with our new Family Slot Reservations.

How it will work?
With Family Slot Reservations, Xytex will be able to guarantee limits on the number of children born to a particular donor.

1. Donors within the program will begin with an established number of family slots—15 for U.S. families and 25 additional worldwide slots (following all country-specific regulations).

2. Each family that purchases from a donor’s supply will automatically “reserve” one of the slots—a slot which is now no longer available to anyone else.

3. Once all the slots have been reserved, a donor is no longer available for purchase on the website. These slots ensure accurate tracking, whether or not a birth is reported. Basing slots on actual data as opposed to “reported” births means that these numbers will be precise and significantly lower than the industry standards.

When will family slot reservations be available for purchase?
The first round of family slot donors will be available on
Xytex.com starting April 2019.

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Family Slot Reservations is one of several ways Xytex is doubling down on their commitment to full transparency. Xytex also touts:

• Exclusively accepting Identity Disclosed donors so families have the choice to connect with their donors once the child turns 18
• Expanded genetic carrier-testing for over 280 conditions for full clarity on donors 

• Providing the most adult photos of any sperm bank so you have a better sense of your future child’s appearance

Learn more here, https://www.xytex.com/about-xytex/our-pledge-to-you/.

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